Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My!

Ok so there isn’t any photographs of lions, tigers or bears but there are of a few different animals. In our lives, animals serve many purposes. They can be our best friend, our source of income, our food and even our clothes. But the picture of these animals are to capture their innocence and loyalty to their human counterparts.
I hope you enjoy these photographs of some of my furry friends.


The connection of a mother and baby, the cow and calf.
As his job to protect the family sheep herd, Wyatt still loves to play and relax
Simply said…this is mans best friend.
A different kind of man/animal connection. A lamb who will lead a glamorous show life.
A lone calf lays in the pasture. One of my favorite photos…minus the poo!

We all have had different experiences with animals in our life and its hard to imagine what this world would be like without them.

If you would like to capture you animal life in natural settings I would love to take photographs for you. Please comment on the post if you are interested.

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One Response to Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My!

  1. Vrinda says:

    Aah, the cow and calf are adorable!

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